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Mechanical Engineering

Our team of skilled engineers specializes in the assembly and disassembly of mechanical cranes, ensuring efficient and reliable operation for your construction needs.

Crane Assembly
Crane Disassembly
Mechanical Crane Maintenance

Electrical Engineering

With our expertise in electrical systems, we provide comprehensive solutions for industrial projects. From wiring and circuitry to control panels, we ensure safe and efficient electrical installations.

Electrical Wiring
Circuitry Installation
Control Panel Assembly

Industrial Welding

Our skilled welders deliver high-quality welding services for structural components, pipelines, and industrial machinery. We adhere to strict safety standards and ensure reliable welds for your projects.

Structural Welding
Pipeline Welding
Industrial Machinery Welding

Civil Engineering

Our expertise in civil engineering spans the construction of mechanical structures for various projects. From bridges and buildings to infrastructure development, we provide innovative and reliable solutions.

Bridge Construction
Building Construction
Infrastructure Development
Unfinished Concrete Building With Tower Crane

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