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About Flogas Eletricidade e Mecânicas, Lda

Established in 2012, Flogas Eletricidade e Mecânicas, Lda is a 100% Mozambican-owned company based in Maputo.

We have successfully served a wide range of clients in various civil engineering projects.

Our Services

Mechanical Engineering

Crane Assembly, Industrial & Platform lifts, Tower Cranes Erections / Dismantles,
Crane Disassembly, Mechanical Crane Maintenance

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Wiring
Control Panel Assembly
Circuitry Installation

Industrial Welding

Structural Welding
Pipeline Welding
Industrial Machinery Welding

Our Work

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Specialized Expertise

We have extensive experience in mechanical and electrical crane assembly, industrial welding, and construction of mechanical structures.



We are proud to be a 100% Mozambican-owned company, committed to supporting local infrastructure development.


Client Satisfaction

Our focus is on delivering exceptional quality and exceeding client expectations for every project undertaken.


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